Yes, that’s Tim Cook narrating. As Rene Ritchie notes:

My best guess as to why Tim Cook narrated the “Better” video is because it speaks to Apple’s core values, and speaking to Apple’s core values is both deeply important to Tim Cook, and how he’s been positioned atop and within Apple.

You can say Tim Cook is not a product guy, but there’s no question that he knows better than anyone how Apple does what it does. And because he cares about it, he’s made that process… better.

This feels like the point where Tim Cook finally drew the line in the sand and showed what Apple looks like under his image. He’s been moving in this direction for a while, but unlike prior efforts, this doesn’t feel like Steve Jobs’ Apple under new ownership. This has Cook’s fingerprints all over it. More power to him.

Trigger Warnings

I have trouble with pain pics and gifs. Last year during the NCAA March Madness some guy’s leg was snapped in half or what not and people found it okay to post gifs of this on the internet, without warning. I cannot handle these things. It will make me sick and cause me trouble for most of the day and even keep me up at night. 

I grew up on a farm, shit like that could happen at any time, I’ve had shocking injuries on a minor scale, and the trauma doesn’t need to be relived on peoples’ whim to post gifs and images. Just make a note and drop a space, whatever. Even for something like “omg look I jabbed myself with a fishhook!” 

I don’t need the fist clenching, swirling stomach, or sweats.